Trident Servicii și Mentenanță has designed and implemented a complex perimeter security system for the largest port in Romania and one of the 10 largest ports in Europe – Constanta Port and its subsidiary, Midia Port.

In 2007, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță completed the implementation and commissioning of the Integrated Perimeter Security System of Constanta Port. Composed of several subsystems: access control for vehicles and pedestrians, closed-circuit television, dual-technology perimeter detection, integrated control and monitoring dispatch, the Integrated Perimeter Security System provides the protection of Constanta Port perimeter and the gates access control at the highest security standards.

In 2008, we implemented the Integrated Security System for the Midia Port, which aimed at controlling the pedestrian and vehicle access within the port, video monitoring of the access areas and detecting the unauthorized access into the port perimeter. Currently, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță provides the operating and maintenance services for these systems.

Starting with 2005, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță manages the communications network within Constanta Port, as the IT&C operator of the Port, being the main provider of Internet solutions, IT services, solutions for data, radio and wireless communications. In this regard, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță performs ongoing maintenance work, but also extension and modernization of the fiber optic and copper infrastructure ones. Our specialists have replaced the Constanta Port telephone exchange with new, more efficient equipment, with a capacity of 3,000 subscribers.

Also, having the quality of authorized operator to work with classified documents, our company has also developed an electronic archiving project with CN APM SA, ensuring the transposition in electronic format of more than 30,000 documents, indexing, organizing, centralizing and archiving them electronically.